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I have become comfortably numb.

March 30, 2012


(With apologies to Pink Floyd.) I have spent the last couple of months addicted to Twitter and all the fantastic people I’ve “met” there. So much insight. So many ideas. So much hope for the future of education. It makes me smile. I am grateful for the hope that people such as Dan Meyer (@dydan), […]

Back to work.

March 25, 2012


There is still a week to go in Spring Break, and thank goodness. I have done nothing related to my school responsibilities during the first week. Again, thank goodness. I needed an escape-and-hide-under-the-bed moment. Today will be California Scholarship Federation day. I will make into the certificates that let the students know they qualified for […]

A moment of self-pity (personal, not education-related)

March 23, 2012


Apologies to anyone who reads this particular blog thinking it is about my classes. I need a moment. Many thoughts and issues are happening right now, and I don’t seem to be able to get out of the infinite loop. I thought maybe writing it out might help. I thought that maybe one of the […]

Passing judgement on others

March 17, 2012


The next two weeks are Spring Break, and I plan to spend much of it working. It’s all good; I am something of a workaholic and prefer working to much else. I use it as an excuse too often though. Since I’m not happy when I hear some of my colleagues say “I don’t grade […]

Testing and Spring Break

March 16, 2012


This week, the sophomores of my school took the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Generally it is pronounced K-See, but I prefer the name my favorite (and most useful) education professor gave it: the California Hissy. The school stops for these tests because (a) it is vitally important to the sophomores, as they don’t […]

A perfect example of no number sense. And racism.

March 11, 2012


This morning, this article was the front page of the local paper: National Report Says Minority Students Punished More Often Here’s a link if interested: I am going to argue. Not that it isn’t true that some ethnic groups have a bad rap, whether because of their own actions or because of the actions […]