Day 9: PD for Pearson Integrated Books

Posted on August 13, 2015


I haven’t blogged this week. It isn’t personal…my life is slightly crazy right now:

My kitchen is in my living room (it is being rebuilt)
Monday was my daughter’s Open House (obviously we went)
Tonight is my school’s Open House (obviously I’ll be there)

In Math I:

Monday is the District HS’ PD, so the classes are short (31 minutes). We went over my rules for iPads and Google Classroom. Google iPad rules

Tuesday was check out the iPads day and log in to Google Classroom. Logging in

Wednesday the students took their pre-test for the first unit. The District gets very cranky with sharing that one; they consider it a secure document. Whatevs. I had them look at the test and tell me what words made their brain get stuck. I wanted more than “I don’t get it.” And that was really hard to watch. I’ll work on that. I need to re-think Robert Kaplinsky’s #TMC15 Questioning Methods ( which has totally changed what I ask the students) and have the students learn how to ask better questions.  I would like the students  to ask better questions than the non-question of “I don’t get any of it” (even though I want to strangle them when they say that). I need to be better about making them understand that (1) I am not doing the problem for them…they have to figure it out…while understanding (2) they have learned this behavior as ok. I’m making no sense. But this is the core of my struggles in the classroom.

Today, they are writing in their magic consumables and demonstrating for me that they understand how to use the Distributive Property.

I’ll see after PD if the room is acceptable for Back to School Night. Right now, I am waiting to see if we can actually use the materials the District adopted.

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