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Day 5 – End of first week – OR – all the things I thought I would talk about

August 9, 2015


Week one down. Day 5 of 180 down. Or, as people who apparently hate the jobs OR people who love counting things (I have long suspected is a math person at heart, no matter how much they try to bury it deep down)…175 days to go! This week was way more fun than I thought it would […]

#TMC15 — Day 1.5

July 24, 2015


I tried to publish this yesterday. I also tried to kill my iPad after some torture. We are under construction and I am avoiding taking out my laptop because of the dust. So here it is…but with a different ending. Wow. I feel like I was with my tribe today. This is a really great […]

Out with the old, in with the new…

December 23, 2014


I’m reinventing the wheel next semester. Again, as in “every semester since I started teaching”…<mumble> years ago. Does anyone else do this besides me? Fall semester has been interesting: a new seven-period day the end of Geometry (as a specific class, not a general subject), but I get to dust it off from seven years […]

The first week…

August 9, 2014


Whew! As anyone who has ever taught knows, the first week seems to be more about controlling chaos. Herding cats. Getting everyone to where they need to go when they need to be there. And we get to meet our new children. If we’re lucky, we get to see some of our old children. I […]

I’m trying

June 27, 2014


I’m trying to find my happy place. Right now, I’m overwhelmed. So, because I’m me, it is time for a story. I have, in my opinion, a “reputation” of being elitist…that I’ll only teach “good” kiddos. I put the word “reputation” in quotes because I feel it was a label given to me; I didn’t […]

The Mighty MTBoS

June 14, 2014


The last post I wrote was a big “Thank You” to many of the members of the MathTwitterBlogoSphere. It also included a lot of, um, Thank Yous After I posted it, my little brain was running back to multiple posts from (sometime in the) last year or so. Their common theme: Don’t turn members of […]

Another one…that’s two in a row!

June 11, 2014


I am Nike. Not the Greek goddess. I’m “just do(ing) it”: SBG for Statistics, both AP and non-AP. I am making similar cards/questions to the ones I got to see in Made4Math along with the differentiated levels embedded in the quizzes similar to @mathsfeedback. I will also start setting up the SBG framework for both […]