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A small silly thing for secondary teachers

June 27, 2012


I am in the middle of a week of massive Schmootivity. (The Schmoo is my daughter’s online nickname, unbeknownst to her.) I thus haven’t been able to do much teaching work. This is, no doubt, a temporary condition. A friend and colleague sent me a poster of this from her daughter-in-law in Hong Kong. I […]

Summer progress and more Formative Assessments

June 24, 2012


Since the only classes I can safely assume I’m teaching are Statistics and AP Statistics, those are the classes I am concentrating on. Here’s my semi-plan: Notes will be provided to the students, either electronically (probably BYOD) or on paper (their choice…although that is somewhat tempered by wishy-washy availability of iPads). I do some direct […]

A couple more with a short rant

June 16, 2012


First, the rant. I really, really want to like and use Google Docs. But the level of math I teach to students frequently requires the use of tables plus a bunch of equation styles. Google Docs either flat won’t do it (equations) or it messes it up so badly that it is unreadable (tables). So […]

The Formative Assessment Piece

June 13, 2012


In my last post, I said I would be doing many, many things differently, and that I would share resources I create in that process here. This week, I’ve been working on ¬†Formative Assessment. I’ve learned a ton and it has made me rethink my role. This is going to be a long summer of […]

The restart

June 11, 2012


So. I’ve realized I start almost every sentence when I’m changing thought processes with the word “so”. It seems appropriate to start this blog with “so”. So. Here we go. It is summer break. I’ve been out for two weeks and have no idea, apart from Statistics, of what I’m teaching. But I know that […]