Day 20.5 – A little help?

Posted on August 29, 2015


I haven’t written for a couple of weeks. This is largely because I don’t have any lessons to share. Nice way to start the year: out for training one or two days a week for the first month. I’m supposed to have another day this week, but I’ve already cancelled my requested substitute. I’m not going. By now, a month into the school year, I should know everyone, even with class leveling and students trying to get their schedules changed to play the system (find the easy teachers…ha!) etc.

But I only know about 25 of 200. I feel like the year hasn’t started really. And I’m grumpy about that.

Which is why I’m not going to training. All of the training days could have been done in one day, but…

No whining, Lori.

My request for help is based on what will be my first lesson for Integrated Math I. They are supposed to learn all about rates, units, and changing between them. I took Fawn’s idea from a couple of years ago that I can’t find anywhere and I am working on the Iron Butt Rally.

This is not everything. I will, for example, have a Daily Diary that the kiddos will have to fill out.

I am hoping for suggestions on how to add or improve the introduction, particularly the “You may” and “You may not”s so that there is less weaseling from my wonderful kiddos can come up with.

A very rough draft of the Introduction, with a side note that I really do have the Iron Butt Rally logo on the page, and I have asked for and gotten permission from the Iron Butt Association to use their site.

Thanks in advance for helping to make this better. 🙂

Iron Butt Rally Project

The Iron Butt Association (IBA) has many motorcycle endurance races (see for a list of them). The big one is the Iron Butt Rally, which is an event held every two years. As the logo says, the idea is to ride for 11,000 miles in 11 days.

This year, it started in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the morning of June 30, 2015, and “to be a finisher of the 2015 Iron Butt Rally, a rider must visit 50 US national parks in 25 states before 10 AM (MDT), July 10, 2015.” Obviously, we can’t do this rally in real life, but we can lay out a road trip to re-create it.

First, pick your motorcycle. While many people may prefer a “cooler” ride like the Magpul Ronin, MV Agusta F4CC or a customized Harley Davidson, the length of time on the bike requires a place to keep your gear (sleeping bag, change of underwear, extra food, etc.) with you in a storage compartment. A touring bike (typical brands are BMW, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Triumph) must be used for this. If you have no idea what to ride, see the list of motorcycles used by the actual riders. The list starts on Page 3 of

Google your choice of motorcycle to find out the bike’s fuel capacity and fuel efficiency. This will tell you the longest you can go without running out of gas.

Calculate how far your motorcycle will take you on one tank of fuel. This is the maximum number of miles you may go before taking a refueling break. See rules below.

A list of the National Parks in the United States, which includes GPS coordinates for quicker lookups:

The rules and exceptions:

You may… You may not…
…assume that you will have no mechanical breakdowns. …go further than your tank of gas will take you before refueling.
…go to one of the National Parks at any hour and it counts. …ride more than 20 total hours in a 24 hour period…sleep must be noted in your log!
…assume that the weather in the area will not affect your ride. …leave the United States.
…refuel at a cost of 15 minutes, which includes a potty break and a granola bar with water. …starve. You must eat a real meal (at the cost of 45 minutes) at least once every 48 hours.
…assume that fuel is available at the exact time your fuel runs out.
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