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The first week…

August 9, 2014


Whew! As anyone who has ever taught knows, the first week seems to be more about controlling chaos. Herding cats. Getting everyone to where they need to go when they need to be there. And we get to meet our new children. If we’re lucky, we get to see some of our old children. I […]

I’m trying

June 27, 2014


I’m trying to find my happy place. Right now, I’m overwhelmed. So, because I’m me, it is time for a story. I have, in my opinion, a “reputation” of being elitist…that I’ll only teach “good” kiddos. I put the word “reputation” in quotes because I feel it was a label given to me; I didn’t […]

Another one…that’s two in a row!

June 11, 2014


I am Nike. Not the Greek goddess. I’m “just do(ing) it”: SBG for Statistics, both AP and non-AP. I am making similar cards/questions to the ones I got to see in Made4Math along with the differentiated levels embedded in the quizzes similar to @mathsfeedback. I will also start setting up the SBG framework for both […]

Summer 2014

June 10, 2014


Wow. What a year. It is over. Thank goodness. I already miss my students, all 230 of them. (Did I mention it was a tough year?) Summertime should mean relaxing and recovering. That idea lasted about a week. I don’t sit still well. Except when I want to read a book or the huge backload […]

A defense of the zero in SBG

November 5, 2012


Reassessment Request When I started SBG this year, I never thought I would need to make the above document. But there have been very few requests to reassess so far this year, until this week, when all of a sudden I got no less than 20 requests…all of which started with the phrase “I didn’t […]