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A bit of Trigonometry…

October 23, 2012


We finished (ha!) graphing sinusoidal functions today. I gave this page, which summarizes how to graph either sinusoid, (Steps for graphing sinusoids)¬†to the kiddos at the beginning of the unit, after we created the sine and cosine curves out of the unit circle. They have also been using this paragraph frame (master paragraph frame for […]


October 13, 2012


While I was off having a panic attack about how much grading I haven’t done, I missed a bunch of stuff. When I read the multi-day backlog, a call was put out to come up with 3act activities for the upper level maths classes. I posted about an activity I did for the probability unit […]

Socks and Trees

October 11, 2012


In AP¬†Statistics, we are in the land of probability. I am trying to figure out better ways to teach this. It doesn’t help that the students seem to have a level of paranoia about probability at all. I’ve stolen, borrowed, adapted, changed-to-match-a-project-to-match-the-supplies-available. Today, they got a revamped version of Blue and Red Socks from Probability […]