A bit of Trigonometry…

Posted on October 23, 2012


We finished (ha!) graphing sinusoidal functions today. I gave this page, which summarizes how to graph either sinusoid, (Steps for graphing sinusoids) to the kiddos at the beginning of the unit, after we created the sine and cosine curves out of the unit circle. They have also been using this paragraph frame (master paragraph frame for graphing sinusoids) to help guide them through the process.

The result?

“Ms. A, we totally don’t get this.”

Their assessment result, for which they could use whatever notes they had? Horrible. The average score was around 20/70, most of which came from successfully finding the midline from the vertical shift.

So, in my horrible bout of self-pity, I decided that I did too much for them, that they didn’t discover enough for themselves.

But now, I have to fix things. And I don’t know how, really. But I’m not in a good mental place to find out. I’m looking for any help/suggestions.

To give credit to the kiddos who think the same way I do, the ones who followed the two above attachments said that “this should be really complicated, but it is super easy” and they got very frustrated with their classmates. That would account for about eight people. Out of 120.

To quote Brene Brown, “I think I’ll go have a beer and a banana nut muffin.”

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