Passing judgement on others

Posted on March 17, 2012


The next two weeks are Spring Break, and I plan to spend much of it working. It’s all good; I am something of a workaholic and prefer working to much else. I use it as an excuse too often though. Since I’m not happy when I hear some of my colleagues say “I don’t grade at home” (even if it means the students wait weeks to get the results of their papers), I am also a control freak workaholic who passes judgement on others.

I am trying to be a better teacher. I compare me to myself in that regard, not my colleagues. I don’t teach their classes nor do I have their students. But I feel largely alone at my school in my quest to teach the students who are better at their collections of electronic devices than I am. So I turn to the Twitterverse. I have taken the advice of those I read/follow, and attempt to blog about my experience and I seek help.

But I don’t get anything. Much like the nothing I get from my colleagues.

So…what am I doing wrong?

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