Back to work.

Posted on March 25, 2012


There is still a week to go in Spring Break, and thank goodness. I have done nothing related to my school responsibilities during the first week. Again, thank goodness. I needed an escape-and-hide-under-the-bed moment.

Today will be California Scholarship Federation day. I will make

CSF Paper Pile

into the certificates that let the students know they qualified for membership in CSF Fall semester. Yeah, I’m behind.

But the cool thing is, as we wind down towards graduation, that there’s lots of Lifetime Memberships to award at graduation. Cool deal. Good for them. It is hard to look at the list of Lifetime Members and remember that these kiddos aren’t “supposed” to do anything. From the outside, it is a high poverty, low achieving bunch. Maybe there are some. But there are plenty of others that aren’t.

I am privileged to know them and am privileged to be their teacher.

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