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Day 5 – End of first week – OR – all the things I thought I would talk about

August 9, 2015


Week one down. Day 5 of 180 down. Or, as people who apparently hate the jobs OR people who love counting things (I have long suspected is a math person at heart, no matter how much they try to bury it deep down)…175 days to go! This week was way more fun than I thought it would […]

Day 3 – Week of Inspirational Math…Day 4 plan – more and The Federalist Papers

August 6, 2015


Math 1  Today the students did’s Week of Inspirational Math (Day 2). The materials are available for free access if you register. The idea (for me) of the day was that there are many ways to organize a number, and finding the magic number symbol (for example: 3) is not always necessary. It is […]

Countdown to Day 1

August 2, 2015


Just in case the first day of school is a madhouse (no way!), I decided to post my plans. Mostly so I can have the illusion of control, because everything is going to go perfectly! Actually, I want to look back to see if what I said I would do actually came true. It’s sort of like […]

Day 0 – Room Setup

August 1, 2015


After two teaher workdays, I have my room set up. Students arrive on Monday. This is the view from the middle of my room: I really did take pictures of the rest of the room, but then I managed to delete them off of my phone before I got them to my laptop. But that’s cool; […]

An example of how my brain works

July 17, 2015


We are supposed to post a blog by Friday. I hope that means “before the end of the day Friday”, since I wasn’t in the same place as my computer until an hour ago. When we got home from Ocean Beach in San Diego (rough life, I know), I had several packages. One: a class […]

Heading in to Twitter Math Camp 15

February 16, 2015


I’ve only promised about a jillion times to blog. But I registered for TMC15 this morning, and I feel like this should shove me in to actually do it. So, today’s probably isn’t going to have anything about what I’m doing in the classroom. I’m just super excited about Twitter Math Camp. I want to […]