Day 4: Week of Inspirational Math (day 3); introducing Forms in Classroom

Posted on August 7, 2015


Math 1

Day 3 of’s Week of Inspirational Math was my favorite of all of them! I interacted with them almost all day. I won’t be doing the last two days of it though; I have four days of training coming up this month, so I want to get the students started in more mathy math in case those four days are just lost. I have good subs assigned to me so far, so maybe not…

I did the dot talks the same way that Dr. Boaler demonstrated on her site here with the slides from yesterday’s post. I used Chris Harris’ sign language portion of her “Number Talks in Middle and High School” talk at #TMC15 (here’s the link to that: Chris Harris’ TMC15 presentation). The students seemed to enjoy the sign language more than anything, but they also enjoyed coming up with seeing new patterns.

Tomorrow I will start basic patterns from the Interactive Mathematics Project (in groups), plus an individual writing assignment so I can get a feel for how they really feel about math and their past math class experiences.

I would have them do this in my Google Classroom on the iPads, but I don’t want to get them started on iPads on a Friday and then have to explain it all again on Monday. I will end paper assignments. I will!

Statistics (both classes)

The kiddos did the Federalist Papers sampling exploration described yesterday. I found out that is blocked at my site…it is, apparently, a game. Whatever. The kiddos got their first lesson in TI84 Ninja skills instead.

Tomorrow is assignments that split the AP and not-AP classes from each other. They’ve been together for four days, and now the not-AP class has to wave the AP kiddos goodbye as they start to speed up.