#TMC15 — Day 1.5

Posted on July 24, 2015


I tried to publish this yesterday. I also tried to kill my iPad after some torture. We are under construction and I am avoiding taking out my laptop because of the dust. So here it is…but with a different ending.

Wow. I feel like I was with my tribe today. This is a really great thing.

Some highlights:

Since my major pet peeve is the statement “I don’t get it”, my 3-day morning session (Activity Based Learning with Alex Overwijk and Mary Bourassa) started with the creation of “What Makes it Good Question” that the students create.

It was SUCH a brain opening experience.

That activity alone is going to be part of the first week or two of classes. Where, precisely (during? after?) Youcubed.org’s first week and getting norms and logins established with my Google Classroom has to still be worked out, and there’s more to learn. Yay!

After lunch, I learned more about working with mistakes from Andrew Stadel. It wasn’t quite what my brain predicted it would be, but in so many ways it was better. I now have a completely different idea of what mistakes are from the brains of the students, and new strategies to work with that viewpoint. Most excellent stuff!

for the final session of the day, I went to see a Math Socratic Seminar. I’ve seen them before in AVID trainings, and those have been taught by math teachers too, but those have always felt incomplete, somehow. The sessions today, though, helped so much: it the discussion included more setup and norms (more norms!) rather than expecting that we already had them in place (I don’t). We also came up with Socratic Lite; using things like WODB as a topic but having the students use the Socrative session to teach the students how to have a dialogue (as opposed to just shouting out whatever).  After it has been established HOW to have a professional discussion, then the topics can advance to more reading and research.

Speed dating was crazy, but awesome crazy!

Finally, Mathemagician Art Benjamin taught us (well, me) new patterns complete with the math proofs. Those were (worthy words are not coming to me) totes awesomesauce. (They must have just been new to me, because I came home and showed my math major –I’m a Stat major – husband, and he said he already knew them. I’m not quite sure I believe him.)

The new ending:

I rode the train today in order to avoid the return traffic. This means no picnic, but my daughter leaves tomorrow for a week, and I would like to hang out with her.

Train was fine, the walk was fine (uphill, but the walk back will easy), morning coffee was fine with the awesome MTBoS for company, and then…I was overwhelmed by the morning Favorites.

And then…I was completely overmatched by Activity-Based Lessons. I know I do a LOT, and my in-school colleagues tell me “wow” quite often (then yell at me for not telling them what I’m doing ahead of time). But after this morning, I feel like I do close-to-nothing (relatively speaking). I also feel like I’m not adding anything useful to the conversations. So I’m kind of verbally shutting down. Stupid whiny -low-self-esteem part of my brain.

I hope this afternoon makes me want to speak more.

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