An example of how my brain works

Posted on July 17, 2015


We are supposed to post a blog by Friday. I hope that means “before the end of the day Friday”, since I wasn’t in the same place as my computer until an hour ago.

When we got home from Ocean Beach in San Diego (rough life, I know), I had several packages.

One: a class set of safety compasses.

Two: a gross of golf pencils with erasers thanks to Amazon’s Prime Monday…and people pointing out the golf pencil thing.

Three: a box from Vistaprint.

Vistaprint and I get along very well. They made my business cards that I hand out at conferences should anyone ask for such a thing. (It was pretty popular at AP By The Sea.) They also made some of the notecards that Sam Shah mentioned a while ago (“You, kid, made me laugh.” and “I noticed you today…not in the creepy stalker way, but in the proud teacher way.”).The discipline office loved those and wanted them, but….people forget, I guess.

But today’s Vistaprint box had 14 things.

One: a poster that says “I don’t get it is not a question. Think!” on fancy hangable cloth…now all I have to do is find a place on my wall to hang it.

Two: stamps. 13 of them. And here is how my brain works.

About a month ago, a rehash of the tag #needaredstamp was brought up. Apparently, I was on Twitter Blackout when it happened in the first place. I laughed so hard…any my brain very logically said “Make them, and make them now!” I made four stamps: “This question has multiple is not multiple choice!”, “Does this answer…make sense in terms of the problem?”, “HOW did you get this?”, and “Of course UDK! This is unfamiliar stuff. IDK is not an answer.”,

There are three of each except “HOW did you get this?”, of which there are four. My brain cannot count…that, or my fingers cannot push 3 when it is so close to 4. Or something. These kinds of things keep my brain up at night.

They are all, of course, red.

Here’s the problem: I am on a mission to have no paper. I use Google Classroom for a reason: I’ve given too many piles of papers too many rides home and back to school again. I cannot put a stamp on the iPads the students use.

And I’m not keeping them…nor am I giving them to my at-school colleagues since they didn’t come up with them…plus, they are notorious non-sharers.

My plan is to bring these 13 stamps to #TMC15. But I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. I’m not presenting…it is my first time there, so I don’t really know anyone personally. I thought I would bring them Wednesday to the meet-and-greet, and see if I could either give them out personally…but I don’t want to seem needy (“Please like me, oh wonderful Tweeple, from whom I have taken so much!”), or give them all/some to presenters who could give them away as prizes. Sam (@samjshah) is the obvious choice, since he got me to find Vistaprint in the first place…but so is @Hedge, since her tweets were part of the reason I am going to #TMC15 and have wanted to since it all started. But so is Lisa (@lmhenry) since she is organizing this and it is looking amazeballs so far.

Now, my brain says, after all of that, “Just keep ’em…no one really wants them anyway”. <sigh>

My brain is primarily being run by Sadness. Or so the “Which InsideOut character are you?” quiz says.

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