Baby steps

Posted on July 6, 2015


Today was rough…at least it was in the morning. Blowing $%&( up late into the night (but not as late as the majority of the neighborhood) makes for rough mornings. But it is July, and I don’t really have much need at this point to even know what day it is.

But two days ago, I wrote a list of things that I needed to do ( Today, I did two of the things on the list: I cleaned out (ok, archived) my Classroom (thanks to @alicekeeler for all the great helps, tips, everything to do with Classroom), I finished my district paperwork for reimbursement (which wasn’t on the list at all), and I have managed to stay out of trouble on the iPads.

Mostly because I deleted the apps that are distracting.

There is no more Tapped Out, Facebook, or Facebook Messenger on any device. It has only been one day, and I do not miss any of it. I may try to delete Twitterriffic…but my Twitter addiction needs to be fed. Or maybe I’ll feed it on my computer. I have so much more to do, so I may try it. Temporarily.

Why must all of the people in the MTBoS be so awesome? <sniff>

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