I’m not dead! I feel like going for a walk…I feel happpeeee!

Posted on July 4, 2015


Sorry…I’m channeling Monty Python and the Holy Grail…of course, that means that John Cleese will have me killed shortly. đŸ˜¦

Three weeks until TMC15. I feel like I have contributed less than nothing to the MTBoS this year.

I’d like to say that I’m going to blog more, which will contribute more. But I’ve said that before.

So here’s my plan, more or less…

I will adjust to the classes that have been given to me: AP Statistics, Statistics, and Math 1. I’ve got the statistics thing under control, such as it is. Math 1? I’ve got nothing. I haven’t taught freshmen in 10 years, and I am less-than-impressed by the curriculum (which is incomplete) that the district has given teachers. We also are getting new textbooks for this class this year, and no one seems to know if the district RCD plan has anything to do with the new consumable Pearson books. I’ll look around and see what else available.

I will clean up my Google Classroom, which I used for the first time last semester. I am pretty addicted to not giving paper a ride from school to home and back. My daughter (I’m pretty sure) thought I was on Clash of Clans (which I’ve never played, but her Daddy does) the entire time I was grading.

I will get a better workflow with the classroom worked out.

I will read and organize my Evernote even more. The first part of summer was spent simply getting the >800 files I had saved there. I have an even bigger collection in my LiveBinders, but saving things there is time consuming.

I will learn to stay off my iPad/iPhone for anything that isn’t really useful. I’m all for doing some fun things, but I kept track of time spent on other…it was more than 90 minutes. Per day. I am SO not proud of that. đŸ˜¦

I will cook at home more. And spend more time with my family. They are wonderful people, so I hear (to quote Jon Stewart),

I will be a better adviser (advisor?) to my National Honor Society kiddos this year coming up. I’ve been missing.

I will attempt to organize the amazing amount of awesome stuff from AVID camp and from AP By the Sea…back-to-back a week ago…and it is all in a pile right now.

I’ll try to blog more. Really…for my own sanity.

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