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Posted on July 4, 2015


Good morning!

I know…two blogs in less than twelve hours. But since I will be out blowing $^*% up later, and because the people of the MTBoS rock (they asked me questions because…they read the one I wrote yesterday!), I thought I would write this morning.

I spent time this morning playing Tapped Out. I have failed stopping the “useless time-wasting things”.

Otherwise first up…LiveBinders.

Apparently, I am a hoarder. I collect things that will, in theory, make my life easier at some point. Unfortunately, it seems like it is more of a “Ooh, cool! I should keep that!”…then I never look at it again. But it is there! Evidence of this: one of my 26 Public LiveBinders (this one is called Lessons). It used to hold lessons for every math topic, but it needed to be split up. This one has all the stuff that didn’t get its own binder for reasons that escape me right now. There’s some great stuff in there…maybe I’ll use it sometime…but definitely a hoarder. Maybe therapy will help.

My beef with LiveBinders is that saving each file takes a separate block of time. Evernote just puts things in folders that can be moved around much easier. But, as you can see should you be insane enough to look around in there, the time was taken for these binders so I don’t want to just ignore them all…I don’t want to feel like my time was not used wisely. I don’t want to trash them. Again, hoarder characteristics.

I suddenly feel like watching Frozen so I can feel better about Let(ting) it Go.

Next: Conferences

Two weeks ago, I attended AVID’s Math 2. Two years ago, I attended Math 1. I really put money and time into Interactive Notebooks then. The kiddos hated them, so after about three days of nonstop whining, I dropped them. Last summer, the AVID coordinator wanted me to teach AVID Seniors, so they sent me to the Counseling session…which was awesome…but even after the school paid for that, she was told that the math department “can’t spare me”…thus the time gap. Anyway, after Math 2, I feel sort of cheated. I feel like I probably would have had a much better time with the Interactive Notebooks if I had learned the Math 2 stuff at the same time as Math 1…or closer to Math 1, at least. I’m not sure how I will do any of it this year though because (a) we have new consumable textbooks (Pearson) and (b) I have Google Classroom, which I love. I have to find a way to combine the ebook with the Classroom plus get my document camera working with the paper book for the kiddos who don’t have internet access at home. I don’t think I can do all that and the Interactive Notebooks.

One week ago, I had AP By the Sea for AP Statistics. It is my favorite because the sessions there are taught by Daren Starnes, the author of the adopted textbook. His wife Judy was there to take care of us too. This was a week after he finished the grading festival. As usual, I learned so much…and he and I had discussions of his recommended Make It Stick. I see that is the book for #eduread currently…I dropped in with about five minutes left last time. I didn’t say anything, but I kept a copy of the Storify that @druinok kept. I’m still reading it; maybe I’ll contribute next time.

Conclusions for myself from this morning:
I need to be less of a stalker and more of a contributor to the MTBoS. I listened to #educhat about Collaboration this morning: I’m happy to say that I don’t think everyone should listen to me, but I have to add my voice.
I still need to work on doing useful things, especially first thing in the morning.
I’ve really got to Let It (the hoarding thing) Go. And try to not feel bad about all the time I spent working on them in the first place.

Happy Independence Day!

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