Heading in to Twitter Math Camp 15

Posted on February 16, 2015


I’ve only promised about a jillion times to blog. But I registered for TMC15 this morning, and I feel like this should shove me in to actually do it.

So, today’s probably isn’t going to have anything about what I’m doing in the classroom.

I’m just super excited about Twitter Math Camp.

I want to be able to talk to people about the messy place that is my classroom. But I don’t want to talk to my beautiful husband…who is also a teacher and normally a very good listener…who takes every conversation about the classroom and turns it in to “well, I would’ve…” followed by a brilliant idea I would never do (even if I had thought of it first). And then I just feel like a crappy teacher.

Full disclosure: it was worse when he was in the math classroom, but now he runs the school’s credit recovery program, and that’s a barrel of monkeys I don’t want to even think about.

I’ve heard that TwitterMathCamp has a ton of people who are willing to try things (I am!) but that they aren’t “do it my way or die”. The vast majority of people in my department are definitely in that boat. So I stay silent. Then, when forced to speak about the things going on in my classroom, so many people say “wow…I’d love to try that!”, which makes me want to share more, which I do, then absolutely no one actually does anything. Example: both Mathalicious and Desmos have been pushed…and no one has done either (Desmos is free; Mathalicious has free things…so…??)

So I asked, and their answer was some version of “Eh…it’s too different from what I usually do”.

I want to hang with people who, at least some of the time, treat the classroom as a grand adventure. So, I’m hoping, with great excitement, that I’ll find a person or two who wants an adventure.

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