Summer 2014

Posted on June 10, 2014


Wow. What a year. It is over.

Thank goodness.

I already miss my students, all 230 of them. (Did I mention it was a tough year?)

Summertime should mean relaxing and recovering.

That idea lasted about a week. I don’t sit still well. Except when I want to read a book or the huge backload of blogs. I have a huge stack of books and more than 150 blogs to read, all so I can try to get better at my craft.

I also missed out on so much of the activity on the MTBoS. <sniff>

I’m trying to get my blog back on. Right now, I don’t feel like I have anything to say. But I have to start somewhere.

So, here’s my plan:

I have to find a way to be ready for freshmen. I also have to find a way to be ready for Geometry. I have not taught either of them in eight years. I love Geometry. I’d like to think I love freshmen. But I’ve had mainly seniors for three years, so it will be different.

I still have seniors in the form of AP and non-AP Statistics. I’m still working on teaching the AP-level at a level that will be passed it in higher numbers. I know where to look and who to ask for help on that one.

The Geometry?

I’m going to try to do Standards-Based Grading for the  brand-new standards of Common Core. My school is changing into an Integrated Math format. This year’s freshmen who scored relatively higher on their last standardized tests get me. The truly Honors students get our Honors Geometry teacher. The “regular” people will get the first year ever of Math 1. We have no textbooks for them, only district-mandated RCD lessons written (partly) last year. All in all, I feel like I got the best part of this bargain.

But I don’t know what to do about sequence for Common Core Geometry. I get to do PBL, as much as I want. But I’m not sure which projects will be best.

Any suggestions?