Some sinusoidal graphing stuff along with some whine

Posted on October 6, 2013


I haven’t blogged lately because, as mentioned in my last (it seems like forever ago) post…four preps in six classes (with no conference, in case you’re checking) is kicking my Side-Side-Angle.

My Precalculus/Trigonometry kiddos have been playing with sinusoidal graphs. Graphs in general, actually. Thanks to @samjshah for the Families of Curves stuff…I have iPads, but haven’t had time to set them up. Did I mention SSA-kicking? Oh. Sorry.

Some of the stuff I’ve done during the last few weeks are below. They’re not awesome. Most worked. Some didn’t. If you use them, great. If not, great.

But first, a brief whine: this week, I was accused of not being helpful or collegial. At about the same time, I wondered when I stopped having the ability to count since I always seemed short of instruction sheets for the PBLs I’ve been trying in my classes.

It turns out…<drum roll>…one of my colleagues said she steals copies of my classroom activities from the teacher’s lounge.

I certainly don’t think my activities are the bomb-diggity. I’ve tried for years to share my stuff with others, and have always been met with a chilly “Oh. Thanks.” with a direct path to the trash. So I stopped forcing my stuff on everyone else. And now…”unhelpful”, “distant”, “not collegial”. <grrrrr>

But I do share. Just not there. I will try again, just in case, I want to thank the #MTBoS peeps for letting me rant…and for sharing their goodies. I am largely not that upset about this (except for the “always short” part) because of a blog from @Fouss, who said something a couple of weeks ago (I’m way behind) that stuck with me about “sharing”. It was more about getting useful stuff out of the #MTBoS, but it helped a lot. We’ve never met, but there are times I wish she would come to my school to show what “collegial” actually means. I really miss seeing all the tweeties as often as I did.

Thank you all.

Days of Our Lives – project for after graphing – the modified version from the Precalculus project book that (yes, once again) @Fouss shared. – The link to the Navy’s atmospheric research, that gives you hours of daylight pretty much anywhere on earth (for the Days of Our Lives project…explore the site for sunrise/sunset times if you want the kiddos to actually calculate it.

master paragraph frame for graphing sinusoids – an attempt to make sentence frames for making the kiddos write about graphing sinusoids

Steps for graphing sinusoids – step-by-step instructions for the kiddos who need/want that kind of structure

AP Statistics happened too. A paired data lab:

Cholesterol Activity worksheet

Cholesterol Activity

Cholesterol Activity data pairs.docx