Day 8 of 180: A taste of my school

Posted on August 15, 2013


Today was a pretty average day. The happenings are below, but today..some pictures!

The very old two story brick block that is the main building got updated and upgraded for technology, the asbestos was removed, and ADA requirements were included. We got an elevator! Not that we can use it unless we have our custodians escort us, but…

The inside of the building used to be very dark. The black floor didn’t help, probably, but there were absolutely no windows in the building. The solution: put skylights in. Great for upstairs; not much help downstairs. The solution to that: cut a long, narrow hole in the floor underneath the skylights so the first floor gets some of that light:

floor for light

It’s exactly wide enough that a student could fall through it, should they climb over the railing. Or get thrown down it. Or have any number of other things thrown through it. Not that teenagers would ever think of doing such a thing, of course!

The solution to that: the mascot of my school is the Cardinals. That hallway is now:

No Fly Zone

The railing surrounding the hole is in the background.

To be fair, so far…they’ve generally obeyed the No Fly Zone. This is right outside my classroom.

I think the hole is a neat architectural twist. I agree with one of my seniors, though: this is more of a college-type design and not a good idea around teens. The students are already violating the No Fly Zone, but no one has gone over the railing. Yet.

Subject change…

A picture of my formative assessment stoplight with the AP kiddos’ notecards. Since none are red, they claim they all understood that day, at least a little bit. It works really well: each class, I get a reading of what they think they need more help with. I can address that at the start of class the next day, especially when I see the same question repeated. They get points (point-hos that they are) for doing it. It takes just a minute for them to do it, but I’m not depending on the talkative ones to tell me how the day went. Major props to whoever I stole this from…one of the Effective Formative Assessment reading group tweeps…but I don’t remember who. 😦


Today in Honors Trigonometry/Precalculus

The kiddos got to figure out that the (x, y) coordinates on the Unit Circle correspond to the (cosine, sine) of the triangles that make it. Today was reading the Unit Circle for information, then getting the other 4 trig functions too.

Today in Trigonometry/Precalculus

The kiddos finished reviewing the Pythagorean Theorem.

Today in AP Statistics

The beginning of histograms with Activity-Based Statistics’ “A Living Histogram” paired one of the Rossman-Chance applets that changes the intervals.

Today in Statistics

The students are more comfortable with the TI84s and successfully ran a simulation of 100 games involving a 75% free-throw shooter who shoots eight free throws a game.

After school

Back to watch the much-smaller children dance to Fireball. They’re pretty cute. The song is pretty annoying.

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