Day 7 of 180: The students get a day off. Kind of.

Posted on August 14, 2013


Today we had the first conflict in the new building, and it was stupidity-based: a new freshman decided he needed to, um, disagree publicly with a senior. The freshman was stupid for saying it; the senior was stupid for listening. At least it wasn’t the gang wars heating up early. They usually hold off until September. I hope they can hold off longer…maybe until June.

Today was also Expectation Talks for the seniors and juniors during 2nd (seniors) and 3rd (juniors) periods. There are no juniors in my 3rd period (AP Statistics), but 2nd period (Trigonometry/Precalculus) is half-and-half.

Today in Honors Trigonometry/Precalculus

Review of Geometry-level trigonometry ratios continues for the last day. They had to find a side length given an angle and a side. There were still plenty of kiddos who can’t figure out which ratio to use; most seemed to have figured out a way to figure it out that works for them. I’m still working on getting the remaining few to understand.

Today in Trigonometry/Precalculus

The Expectation Talks took 30 students from 2nd, so I gave the juniors the option of working or breaking into the game chest since they’d have to listen to the entire thing over again tomorrow for the seniors. They chose the game chest. Not the same problem for 5th; they got the practice with the Pythagorean Theorem with a promise that, if they all finished it, they get to break into the game chest tomorrow.

The game chest is a collection of games that theoretically require logic and/or a sense of probability to play: chess, checkers, connect 4, cards, dominoes. They can play IF they are playing such a game, and they must follow the *traditional* rules. No Bloody Knuckles or making up rules as they go. They are remarkably good at following the restrictions, I get to ear-hustle lots of stuff and get to know the students better, it doesn’t happen often, and there’s lots of laughing. My kind of class.

Today in AP Statistics

Dot plots and stem-and-leaf plots. No problem on stem-and-leaf plots, either making them or reading them. HUGE problems with reading dot plots and understanding what each dot means. A big surprise for me; I’ll have to figure that one out.

Today in Statistics

Simulations in the calculator broke their heads, as near as I can tell. We’ll play with the TI-84s again tomorrow. But, unlike AP, we’re not in any hurry whatsoever, so it’s ok.

After school stuff

Our NHS chapter had its first meeting.

I am the sponsor/adviser to them the California Scholarship Federation kiddos.

The NHS President is awesome. She’ll be the valedictorian by a large margin, is super-organized, and a great leader. So, apart from being in the room and talking to her after the meeting, I had no responsibilities whatsoever. Yaay!

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