Day 6 of 180: The day everyone split apart

Posted on August 13, 2013


Today was Professional Development day, which means the kiddos get to sleep in and show up 1-1/2 hours late while meetings are held. Whatever we’ve gotta do…but that does mean each period is around 15 minutes short, and my brain hasn’t wrapped around that reality again this early in the year. So…I was behind all day. To add to that:

My administration says I have two preps.

Well, kind of.

Trig and Honors Trig count as one; AP Statistics and Statistics count as one. It’s all the same subject, right?

Today, the pacing of Trig and Honors Trig diverged. AP Statistics and Statistics aren’t using the same book, nor have they ever used the same book. By my count, that is four preps.

Here they are:

Honors Trigonometry/Precalculus

They made the Unit Circle using small, already-labeled special right triangles. See Day 4 (I think) for the triangles and unit circle that fit together. One of my girls got the giggles today because the triangles fit perfectly. I’m still trying to figure out why it was funny…but, hey, any laughter is fun for everyone. Yaaay for laughter!


One of the Formative Assessment suggestions that I’m trying this year (I can’t remember who I stole it from: one of the beautiful Tweachers or from Effective Formative Assessment…I’m sorry if it is a Tweacher as I’d love to give a shoutout to them) is the large red-yellow-green laminated poster near the door. The kiddos get PostIts, and if they have questions each day they post it on the correct color on the way out the door as an exit problem. Last week, I had tons of students saying they wanted more review and practice in the Pythagorean Theorem and simplification of radicals.

Today, I used that information to have them review how to simplify a radical.

I don’t like using worksheets ever, but this is review for them…to get it into the front of their brain. I try to find silly ones, so…radicals away. A few seemed puzzled still. I’ll work on that.

AP Statistics

They got to see what a four-step “stat lab” report requires: State, Plan, Do, Conclude. Since they are so much like Biology labs, this is familiar territory for them. I hope they do it when they are supposed to.


The kiddos got to wrap their brain around dot plots and the idea that the dots are a count of occurrences.  By the end of class, I think they knew how to read one. Maybe.

End of Day

Staff meeting day. Can’t wait for the next one next month!

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