Day 2 of 180: Getting Started in Mathland (and Statland!)

Posted on August 7, 2013


I feel like this is a slow start to the year. But with the new room (and unpacking going slowly), the students and I both need to know where everything is. Today, I realized I didn’t have anyplace for the kiddos to store their interactive notebooks (INBs) that they get/start tomorrow. So emptying out four big plastic bins took some time…but I’m hoping it will make tomorrow easier.

Making the “strips” for the Cornell Notes our AVID team has requested happened today too:

AVID INB strips cuttingAVID INB strips close

Today in Trigonometry/Precalculus

The kiddos did an exploration/review of Geometry’s version of Right Triangle Trigonometry. They each got a triangle’s side lengths, all different but all a multiple of the 7-24-25 Pythagorean Triple. They were successful in finding that all the basic ratios they knew matched, and they successfully found the ratios of the reciprocal functions. They also found the calculators, which was great right up until tomorrow when they can’t use them for a week or so. 

Today in AP Statistics

The kiddos got their Composition Books that they will make into their INBs. Just the basics: TOC and the basic Cornell Notes structure. They got a peek at their textbooks and will get their first peek at *gasp* reading for homework tomorrow. Welcome to college, my beauties!

Today in Statistics

This group got their Composition Books too, but their textbook is not the same as AP. I tried using it two years ago as “AP Light”. It was, um, not successful. Total disaster might be an understatement. Today, they got to taste categorical data with dice. They either roll a five or they don’t; they then did a quick data collection. The class overall got 13% 5s rolled; they figured out it should have been 17%. They got it “wrong” and they didn’t die. That’s the best part of statistics! 🙂

They then came up with other examples of categories. My favorite: Dead vs. Not (although someone did mention zombies) lead to Pregnant vs. Not, which led to the idea of “a little bit pregnant”, which led to a discussion of how “a little bit pregnant” was not possible…but some of the guys believed it because, they said, it happened to their cousin once. 

It’s (not) good to know that “Honey, I’m a little bit pregnant” still works on some people. 😦

It was a good day. 🙂

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