Days (-1) and 0 of 180: As ready as I can be

Posted on August 4, 2013


My new “family” arrives Monday.

Getting the classroom ready has the added twist of a completely rebuilt building that is barely (not actually) ready. But I love the space, and it has been fun starting from nothing. It isn’t done yet, but the space is about what the kiddos need/want, and I can’t figure that out until I have my kiddos in there.

The room isn’t completely finished, as you can see from all the juicy white space on the wall. The folders on the wall are for absent kiddos to get any missing handouts without me searching for the right one. With four preps and no conference, this I hope will be a lifesaver.

room view 1

The building has no windows, so I tried to make a sort-of-outside view. The projector hasn’t been mounted yet (thus the pole in the ceiling) and there is (and will be) no screen. The projector will be aimed at the white space to the left of the “sky”.

room view 2

The back of the room where my desk is located, without a chair. This is perfectly fine since I would never sit there anyway.

room view 3

The door, with part of my snarky sarcastic wall so the annoying lurking-near-the-door people have something to read.

room view 4

Not seen next to the door: the “stoplight” for formative assessment exit ticket poster…the kiddos write a short self-evaluation each day and stick it on the red, yellow, or green portion of the poster as they leave.

I’m so excited! I even have familiar names on my rosters, so I won’t see all strangers Monday. Family I’ve already met before I meet the new family is a pretty good deal.

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