Day (-2) of 180: The meetings

Posted on August 2, 2013


Going to school today was a requirement. My site put all the pre-school year meetings in one day, leaving tomorrow for classroom prep. Meetings make me very unhappy: I’m happy to see everyone and meet the newbies, but I’d rather have everything emailed to me so I can read it when I have a minute (yes, I actually would read it all). So cheese may be required for my whine.

The scorecard:

Five meetings and one tour of the new, technically-not-finished-yet building, but they do have until Monday.

Meeting 1: Full staff meeting run by our principal. The takeaway: the new philosophy from the district’s new superintendent. OK, he’s not new, but he took a year to learn about what was already in place. A good thing, IMHO. The good: he wants more collegiality among teachers. I hope so; I’ve gotten way more help, tips, pointers, support, etc. from my fabulous Tweeple/Teachers than from the teacher next door. The bad: since it wasn’t her presentation, she had to read it to us from the PowerPoint.

Meeting 2: Budgets and paperwork requirements for the year. Necessary, but… the presentation was largely a summary on a sheet of paper that we could keep and read at our convenience, but it was read to us.

Meeting 3: A summary of how the district will be implementing the CCSS stuff. Great, necessary information was given to us in a fairly large packet, and it wasn’t read to us. Yaaay! Unfortunately, we were asked to read and collaborate in very short chunks of time, not nearly long enough to finish what was asked.

Meeting 4: PBS lessons have  been written and will be taught 1Tuesday.

Afterwards, teacher shopping. I got everything I needed. Yaay

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