The first real SBG test of this semester (and it’s customized!)

Posted on January 21, 2013


I’m really going to try to go all in on this Standards-Based Grading thing this semester. I sort of tried last semester, but the stuff I learned in trying is that the setup is pretty much everything, and I didn’t know that until the setup was so awful as it made SBG last semester an epic fail.

The setup is better so far, and the first attempt is attached below.


…I’ve also fallen victim to the hype that working together/collaborative learning makes the kiddos learn more. But they also need to show they know something on their own occasionally. In my class, that has manifested itself in the form of very heavy-duty copying from the one or two people who know how to do things in the class. If I give a test, the copying is rampant, even to the point of them stealing completed tests from prior classes (yeah, I’ve fixed that little problem). So, what to do?

Make a customized test.

The kiddos have to roll dice to put some numbers on the paper in order to solve problems, which makes all the tests different. Which is great on the “no copying” front (to the point that in one class, one of the know-it-alls told the  class that he “had a chess game to play” and “leave him alone” [they get to play chess if both players are finished] and he ignored everyone). That was awesome.

Yes, these topics are insanely easy Algebra I topics, but I’ve been told we need to teach to the California Standards Test, and these topics are on the blueprint for this CST. They also are topics on the placement tests for colleges, so the seniors need to be reminded too.

Results? I figured most people would get perfect. Many did. But,w ow. Lots didn’t. They’ll just have to re-test.

Please tell me what you think.

algebra review quiz including normal lines


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