Trigonometric Identities

Posted on November 4, 2012


This is something of a re-post. I was pretty irritated with myself for whining last post, so I trashed that one. But there was still some decent stuff in there, so here it is:

My triggers are in Identity Land. They should be ok with it, since there isn’t a wrong answer, unless they do something the Math Police will get ’em for, like a Dead Puppy. But they manage to work my last good nerve (thank you, Men On Film) because they “just want to know what to do” instead of trying something…anything…and seeing what happens.

This verification assignment (Identities – verify – big list project instructions) did get them to try things since the big list (Identities – verify – big list) is ranked from easy (1 point each) to hard (12 points each). The “points” aren’t actual grade points; they are rankings of difficulty. They get to choose the problems they do based on their own comfort level, but by the end of the day Monday they have to have 20 points worth of identity verifications done without errors.

My brightest (and most arrogant) student appreciated the challenge:

They have a list of useful trigonometric identities (Trigonometric Identities to remember) that I really wanted to put on Google Docs, but I am either really slow or addicted to Word’s new equation editor and my brain won’t let me learn how to put the unpleasant fractions up there. (ExamView’s equation editor is still the king. Just sayin’.)

I hope they are still trying to do the assignment tomorrow instead of whining about how evil identities are.

Happy extra hour of sleep (or whatever) day!

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