Posted on September 19, 2012


…is hard to come by when one is surrounded by such wonderful, generous people. I want to contribute, to help someone out, like so many have helped me. There are too many to mention. I think I’ve gotten something from everyone on Twitter. The big guns, like @ddmeyer. The ones not even in this country, like @Maths_Master. And so many more.

But tonight I got to get some major loot from the Statistics Twitterers…Tweeple…Tweeps…whatever we all are. I saw (in person for the first time) @druinok and @approx_normal. They had so much and gave it to all of us with no expectations in return. This, as a side note, is a huge contrast to my colleagues at my school, where “sharing” apparently means “you owe me”. I cannot thank them enough.

For their time.
For their generosity.
For trying things out and sharing the pitfalls.
For apparently not being able to pronounce “twine”, which I don’t understand (it sounded right to me).

For showing how it can be done…right.

Thank you, ladies.

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