Graphing sine and cosine

Posted on September 11, 2012


Aaahhh…graphing sinusoids. Can be done point-by-point, using videos (Singapore’s HeyMath does a great job), even spaghetti (William Emeny – the @Maths_Master – recommended for an explanation…one that is, as he put it, cheesy but effective). There’s a lot of very cool stuff out there.

I haven’t added a video; I’ve added explanation sheets that can be edited and printed for the kiddos, especially those kiddos who need their “own” instructions (the spaghetti project for both a small unit circle and a large unit circle similar to the video and for graphing sinusoidal functions in general in which oversimplification occurs). They are below. I hope they help!

Instructions for the large sinusoid parent poster

Instructions for the sinusoid parent poster

Steps for graphing sinusoids


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