A small silly thing for secondary teachers

Posted on June 27, 2012


I am in the middle of a week of massive Schmootivity. (The Schmoo is my daughter’s online nickname, unbeknownst to her.) I thus haven’t been able to do much teaching work. This is, no doubt, a temporary condition.

A friend and colleague sent me a poster of this from her daughter-in-law in Hong Kong. I laughed so hard I almost cried (and did successfully freak out my Schmoo). One student said they have heard this before. But only one. I’ve attached a Word file so you can change the name if you’re interested. So you don’t have to download it, it says:

Dear Students,
I know when you are texting in class.
Seriously, no one just looks down at their crotch and smiles.
Sincerely, Your Teacher

I hope you laughed. It seems so…strange…that they think we don’t know. I wonder what comments will come…

Dear Students textting

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