Summer progress and more Formative Assessments

Posted on June 24, 2012


Since the only classes I can safely assume I’m teaching are Statistics and AP Statistics, those are the classes I am concentrating on.

Here’s my semi-plan:
Notes will be provided to the students, either electronically (probably BYOD) or on paper (their choice…although that is somewhat tempered by wishy-washy availability of iPads).
I do some direct instruction if necessary. I’m making tons of lessons involving sports, inspired by Josh Tabor’s textbook. I want the kiddos to come up with problems with very current examples, though. (One of the examples in Josh’s fairly new book is from 1996. Not a crime, and my favorite baseball player ever — Ivan Rodriguez — is involved, but there’s got to be a more recent catcher for his illustration.) If DI is used, clickers will be used with Formative Assessments to see what I missed or got wrong.
Preferably, I do no (or almost no) direct instruction and they have projects to work on.
There will be formative assessments ongoing through class, with a likely end-of-class Formative Assessment.
Any tests and quizzes will be self-graded (I loved Mr. Nochese’s grading stations). These will be evaluated into Standards-Based Grades. The kiddos will already know what they did correctly and what they need to work on before I get them.
More Formative Assessment in the form of Reflection after tests.
Grading will be (probably) 60% Mastery and 40% Compliance. I’d like them to get something for doing the wacky things I ask them to do.

I would love feedback on potential pitfalls. Thanks in advance.

Here are more Formative Assessments in the ongoing uploads. See previous blogs for more of them. When I’m done, I’ll probably do one giant blog with links to them all. Apologies if I’ve uploaded some of them already.

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