A couple more with a short rant

Posted on June 16, 2012


First, the rant.

I really, really want to like and use Google Docs. But the level of math I teach to students frequently requires the use of tables plus a bunch of equation styles. Google Docs either flat won’t do it (equations) or it messes it up so badly that it is unreadable (tables). So unless things get WAY better, I borrow a line from my favorite penguin, Opus: pppppttttttth!

I have only done a couple new Formative Assessment activities. Sorry…I am trying to intentionally ground myself and spent most of the last week being stressed about my husband changing jobs and rewaxing the hardwood floors in my house, among others. As my Dad would say: “Life Happens”. They will get buddies and I will add them. I’ll probably even do a big post with them all at once when I’m done. But just in case someone gets an idea or help, here are the new ones:

Concept Attainment Cards

Concept Card Mapping

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