New Prezi…this time with video! Borrowing goes viral!

Posted on February 27, 2012


Since I’m a sucker for new technology, I’ve been playing with Prezi. It doesn’t hurt that the presentations are so cool.

This time, I’ve justified my time on this by saying the Prezi I created is waaay less helpful than the PowerPoint the textbook company made that I, um, borrowed from for this.

The CD that came with the textbook adoption has the PowerPoints on them. They are paid for. I’m not using it for anything personal…just trying to help my kiddos. So…is this legal? Should I really be creating something new? Serious question…no sarcasm intended or implied.

I, as always, would LOVE input. I haven’t had any yet. But I keep hoping. Here’s the Prezi link:

I will also be borrowing a bit from the Dan Meyer school of asking them a question they may actually want to know the answer to tomorrow. I’m sure the worksheet to guide them through it is way too helpful; I will try to remedy that before the project begins. I want them to figure out how much their favorite restaurant dish costs to make at home. This is a Precalculus class, it should be badly beneath them, but they are notorious for not being able to do useful things if fractions are involved. Here’s hoping on that front.

Finally, the Statistics class will be attempting to figure out how many Algebra II books the school has. It is a variation of the German Tank Problem, but since that is searchable on the web, it is modified. When the AP class did it last month, their results were surprisingly bad. <sigh> Here’s hoping the not-quite-as-much overthinking process outside of the AP class works better.

I hope your week is wonderful!

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