A passive-aggressive comment

Posted on February 25, 2012


As always, any advice is welcome.

My school is gearing up for the mighty AYP-influencing California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).

Side note: One of my wonderful Education professors (the one who actually was a teacher once) called it the Hissey. It seems more appropriate.

Back to passive-aggressive…

The administration had posters made, where their face is inserted into a famous movie poster with pithy quotes to inspire the sophomores. The sophomore math and English teachers have one too. Except…

Not ALL the sophomore teachers are included. There is no explanation for why Paul or Jeff don’t get to be mangled in this way. They would say yes, if asked.

Here’s my passive-aggressive point: sometimes, if one is not included, one does not feel welcome. Sometimes, even, unwanted or unneeded. Disposable, even.

Should they speak up? Maybe. Probably, even. But administration, by leaving them out, is alienating them further. This is not the first time this has happened; they frequently get the students of the most trouble/highest suspension rate, for example.

How is this fixed?

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