New toys, new attitude

Posted on February 20, 2012


After my rants yesterday, I realized I am no better than the whiners I complained about. I don’t like complainers or whiners. I am excited to teach, I am excited to try new things to try and get my kiddos interested in whatever stuff we’re doing, and I like new toys.

Besides, all the teachers I know have a school full of whiners and they don’t want to hear about another one. If they wanted to hear about my whiners, they could probably go listen to any number of people at their school and hear the same things.

No more of that here. They can go be underachievers.

I’m going to try new things and talk about it here.

Today’s task: convert an existing PowerPoint Presentation into a Prezi. If I don’t throw the computer across the room in the process, I’ll post the results and beg for input later. (Thanks for the input in advance.) For the non-math(s) people in the world who do not want anything to do with it, the presentation is for my AP Statistics class. Those kiddos absolutely ROCK. I want to do right by them. They are very patient with my guinea-pig-ification of them. All seniors. I will miss them, later. For now, I am so lucky to enjoy them.

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