Questions, frustrations

Posted on February 19, 2012


I’ve read many places that blogging should not be used to simply complain. Personally, I hate complainers who have no solution. So it is weird for me to have a list of what looks like complaints with no solutions, on virtual paper. I’m not complaining to complain. I am looking for help or hints or something. Maybe a pat on the head and “everything will be ok”. Scratch that. Patronizing and me don’t get along well.

  1. I feel as if I’m the only one reading about how education is changing. We in California have CCSS coming; it seems that, at my site, I’m the only one who even knows CCSS exists, let alone which consortium is writing the new testing stuff. I know it isn’t true, but that leads me to…
  2. Why, at my site, does no one do any actual collaboration? We all sit in PD and do our own things next to each other. The person who is supposed to collaborate with me does everything she can to not work with me. (She is teaching our subject for the first time this year.) She works with her other group exclusively, so I am by myself all the time. (Yes, I bathe, so it isn’t that.) I have given her everything I have done in past years, was so looking forward to having fresh eyes on  things, and even visited her twice a week or so at the beginning of the year. In return? Less than nothing. The one time I asked for her input, she didn’t even tell me “no”, so I was stuck the night before doing it all myself. The department chair (full disclosure: the husband) said that is just the way she is. I’m sure I get the reputation of being the one who does not work well with others. No one seeks me out. When asked, they say things like “I didn’t want to bother you…you have so many things you do.” I have taught everything. I contribute heavily to the department overall (mostly unnoticed…that story is long and not that interesting). It is difficult to not take that personally.

I have more, but right now, that last one was rather cathartic. I will stop there.  I really would love some advice here.

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