Benevolent Dictatorships

Posted on February 19, 2012


I had a chat with my mentor. Granted, my mentor is also my department chair. And my husband. (We met when I was a student teacher…he really was my assigned mentor…then we found out we had so many things in common…but that is another story.)

I have to remember that not everyone is like me. I can’t change them. They will be who they are. And good for them.

I found new frustrations though. But, if I remember the above, I am working on letting it go.

Here they are anyway.

  1. Why, when you know something big and “change-y” is coming (in our case, the CCSS), do people not prepare and learn all they can about it, then complain when it is there, like it is news? Is complaining that much fun?
  2. Why, when there are a bunch of new toys/advice/ideas out there, does it require a threat of death (or close to it) to try it out? Maybe it will make life easier for you. Most people want to help you out, not change you.
  3. Why do people whine that they don’t have help when that help has been offered multiple times and rejected? When offered again at that point, why do people act surprised, then not follow up on the offer?

I realize that these questions can be applied to many things, and they are not my only questions.

I get to go be a benevolent dictator of my own island and respect the other islands. Visas will be required to visit.

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