Halfway through week 1

Posted on January 12, 2012


Three days of “new” has been very eye-opening.

I still don’t have the iPads. They are being re-imaged, or so the claim goes.

I am trying to figure out how to do all I want to do, but today…well. A story:

The #whyIhateschool trended the day before students returned. I took Teacher Tom’s compilation, printed it, had the students read it, then answer questions. I read their answers today.

First, they tweets about feeling tired all the time and the discussion about teenager hormones and sleep patterns being different than school hours struck a nerve. Many, many of them would rather go to school from 10-5. Not a surprise there. Neither were the claims that school feels like a prison. A few talked about school as their only escape from home. But then…

So many more than I expected talked about the pressure they feel from everywhere. Most of them aren’t going anywhere higher than a JC, but the “go to college or you will fail at life” mantra really gets to them, more than I would have thought. I figured they blew it off.

So I will add “release the pressure”  to my list of things to try.

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