How things are assessed

Posted on December 29, 2011


My project for today is to do something related to grading. I had wanted to finish the grading from last semester, but our district’s website access is down, and we are required to use their online gradebook. So, nothing on that front.

I read Dan Meyer’s assessment-related blogs. Instead of grading old stuff, I will make the new stuff.

I’ve made the Concept Checklist to a point. I have a lot to think about, considering the needs my kiddos have. For me, I have to figure out how to change their assessment in to a grade for the inaccessible gradebook. For most of my kiddos, though, this is their last semester of high school. They do not have to test in the form of a CST. Those going to college will test though, but it will be for themselves in the form of a placement test.

Can I help them fill in the holes? The stuff they never learned? The stuff they memorized last year (hello, logarithms!) along with all the stuff from Geometry they hated (hello, logic!) plus anything from elementary school they were, say, absent for?

I’m sure going to try.

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