My eyes and my stomach

Posted on December 28, 2011


“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

This is where I am right now. Except it isn’t my stomach (and all-the-gods forbid that the word “stomach” is used anywhere near the Drama Queen); it is my brain.

I have not been happy with how my teaching has gone this year at all.

So I’ve been reading. A lot.

I have gone from following about 20 people to well over 100. I have learned from them all. I have learned more from Twitter and the links provided there than I have ever learned in a PD session.

I’ve discovered that I have fallen behind. Way behind. I want to do ALL the things I’ve learned. But I have until January 9th to get it all in place.

I don’t think I can do it all. My eyes are bigger than my brain.

Here’s my plan right now. I will change, I’m sure.

For my Trigonometry/Precalculus classes (nearly all seniors): teach them to think and learn by using Mathalicious lessons to re-teach in a far more engaging way the basic lessons they memorized for tests back in middle school and did not learn at all; use ClassDojo to remark on/point out their behavior, both good and bad, to teach them to be good citizens; use the iPads to use the Khan Academy’s lessons (with the Coach option) to satisfy Administration’s demands for tracking for the almighty CST that most won’t take; use non-technology plans like “My Favorite No”. But now I’ve seen Chris Lehmann’s TED talks and I want to throw meta-cognition and inquiry-based learning in there too.

For my Statistics class (all seniors): get them to do something else besides talking about huffing.

For my AP Statistics classes: it is my first year in the realm of AP and I want to do right by them. I have no clue how to do that while doing my best to get them their college units. <sigh>. I have a good book with a good supplemental teacher’s binder and a great supplemental (Activity Based Statistics). It all makes sense in my head, but I seem to have lost all ability to teach the stuff in my head to high school students.

I need help. I don’t like that. I’ve always been able to do everything myself. <sigh> It is frustrating.

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